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Full versions of some of the "Firehorse" album is available for download at iTunes

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  28K and ISDN samples
are in RealAudio streaming audio format, which means you get to hear the song as it downloads. The 28K links are optimised to be heard if you're using a modem to connect to the Internet. The ISDN links sound much better (close to FM radio) but you'll need a fast connection, such as ISDN or a T1 link to be able to hear them properly.

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If you don't have an MPEG audio player, get a copy of MacAmp (Macintosh) or WinAmp (PC).

Honeytrap CD Album  Oct 10
Special Section    
You can buy this album from iTunes    
Firehorse CD Album  Oct 99
Special Section    
You can buy this album from or download it at iTunes    
Destination Vegas CD Single  Dec 99
Destination Vegas    
Destination Vegas (Radio Edit)    
Hello Submarine    
Topsy Turvy Xmas CD Single  Dec 98
Topsy Turvy Xmas    
Topsy Turvy Xmas (Radio Edit)    
Ho! Ho! Ho!    
Me! Me! Me! CD Single  Sept 98
Me! Me! Me!    
What Goes Up    
Do It All Again    
Every Precious Second CD Single  June 98


Every Precious Second    
Getting in Touch    
Man in the Moon    
Valentine CD Single  Feb 98
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