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Demos & Out-takes

I do a lot of my song writing at La Part Dieu, a remote 400 year-old former Carthusian Monastery high in the Swiss Alps. It is owned by some cousins who are kind enough to indulge me once a year for a couple of weeks so I can escape the telephone and get down to some creative work.

Here are some acoustic demos, recorded at the monastery, of songs that eventually made it on to 'Firehorse'.

18 August 2002 added "Dreamcatcher" and "Kissing the Mirror"

Dreamcatcher MP3, 3.69Mb

Kissing the Mirror MP3, 2.96Mb

Everything's Right (When Everything's Wrong) MP3, 2.7Mb

Goodbye MP3, 2.4Mb

Watch this page for more tracks next month.

Jubilee (Video Mix) AIFF