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Hello I'm David Fisher and welcome to my web site

My name is David Fisher. I'm a singer-songwriter from South London in the UK.

Latest News 2015

Indie Xmas Compilation Album

My song TOPSY TURVY XMAS featuring John Cooper Clarke was re-released yet again for Xmas 2013 - this time on an indie Xmas compilation album available for download from amazon.co.uk here. There's a video for it here. The track was remastered by Pink Floyd's twice Grammy nominated sound engineer Andy Jackson.

New Album Progressing

I 'm at work on 12 tunes for my new album titled THINGS THAT BELONG TO THE EMPEROR. Half the songs are ready for vocals and half have been demoed in Switzerland. Rather than invite a long list of musicians to the sessions I've decided to play everything myself on this one.


I'm currently editing a video for DREAMCATCHER.

You can watch videos for JUBILEE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?, a cover of Elvis Costello's TRAMP THE DIRT DOWN and four live in-studio performances of FENCEHOPPING, QUEEN OF THE BLUES, CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE and a cover of MR BLUE SKY on my YouTube channel here.

A 3-D version of JUBILEE and various other of my vids can be accessed through the NME site here or www.muzu.tv here. The 3_D video had a public premier on Saturday March 20th 2010 on a 20 foot screen at Ealing Town Hall at the BFCC (British Film Collectors' Club) meeting in the presence of their Patron, the wonderful actor Brian Murphy ("George" from "George and Mildred".).

Radio Play

I've had a lot of plays on internet radio stations thanks to Deuce Management and Promotions.

My latest album HONEYTRAP is available. There's a whole section here.

You can hear some songs off the album on Soundcloud here:


JUBILEE (Single Mix)




HONEYTRAP is available on itunes here - 18 songs for 7.99 and it was released on CD, in the spring of 2011, available from all major stockists. You can buy it online from amazon.co.uk

Tim Bradshaw (David Gray / John Mayer bands) did some producing as usual which meant flying to Boston in the States for preliminary sessions which was fun. I played guitars, drums, bits of piano and organ and an occasional bass. Extra singing and instrumentation was provided by the amazing Spygenius, inspired backing vocals by Vicki Workman, lots of bass from Mr Tiv, tambourine by the wonderful Martin Gregory, guitar from Chris Watts, keys from Neil McCarthy and Simon Woodham. Special guests Chris Whitten on drums (Paul McCartney, Dire Straits) and the legendary Big Jim Sullivan on guitar (who performed on 2000 chart hits from the 60's and 70's). Oh and it has been mixed by Jez Larder who has done a terrific job at Skyline Studios in Epsom, Surrey.

The wonderful "Look-In" style cover was painted by graphic artist Nick Spender. I'm standing next to my dream car which, not being a millionaire, I shall never own - the Mercedes C111.

Hear me singing in Hollywood movie "State of Play"

A last minute panic to find a singer for a track to be used in the soundtrack of the Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren movie "State of Play" led to me singing a disco "classic" "Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez. The song is not my cup of tea by any means but it was a thrill to hear it blasting out of a huge cinema system. The movie is terrific incidentally - a good old-fashioned thriller directed by multiple Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald and tastefully scored by my pal Alex Heffes (which is how I got the gig.) This particular song was produced by star producer Flood (U2, Nick Cave, Nine Inch Nails, etc.).

Old News

Facebook Page is here.

MySpace Site is www.myspace.com/davidfisheruk


My publisher is World Domination Music..

TV Theme Song - 6.5 million viewers for episode 2!!! (Photo courtesy of Granada TV)

ITV has now broadcast the 6-part Granada series "Stan The Man". It stars John Thomson ("Cold Feet" and "The Fast Show") and Joe Absolom ("Eastenders") and best of all Eric Sykes in one episode! Why am I telling you this? Because I've co-written the theme song with that very talented fellow Alex Heffes. You can hear me singing and plucking guitar "Coming Home" over the opening credits at the start of each episode. Ratings for episode 2 were published in The Times newspaper - 6.5 million viewers, beating BBC1's opposition, "The Project" hands down - it only rated 1.9 million. However, we understand that there was a big dip in ratings for episode 4, so under pressure from the advertisers, it was pulled from its prime time slot. Episode 5 will apparently now be broadcast on December 23rd, and Episode 6 on December 30th at 10.30. Anything can change with commerical television of course...

I am overjoyed to say that I've recently finished a session for the long version of this song, "Coming Home" with highly respected guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. Jim has played on over 1000 chart entries since his early days in the Eddie Cochran band. The list of credits in unbelievable - you can check it out on his interesting website here.

Just to drop a few people and projects he's been involved with - David Bowie "Space Oddity", George Harrison "Wonderwall" soundtrack album, Frank Zappa "200 Motels", Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin "Je T'Aime", Nancy Sinatra "You Only Live Twice", Tom Jones "Thunderball", Marty Wilde "Teenager in Love", Ella Fitzgerald "Can't Buy Me Love", Marianne Faithful "As Tears Go By", Rolf Harris "Sun Arise", The Kinks "You Really Got Me", Gerry and The Pacemakers "Ferry Cross the Mersey", Donovan "Catch the Wind", The Scaffold "Thankyou Very Much", Ken Dodd "Happiness", Thunderclap Newman "Something in the Air", Carly Simon "You're So Vain, Alvin Stardust "My Coo-Ca-Choo"... Its goes on and on - check his site for more details.

And on top of the fact that he has played on such an awesome number of important pop hits he is the most generous and gracious man I have met in music for many a year. It was a pleasure working with him and I would be thrilled to do so again. The fact that he's happy to play on a track by a herbert like me just blows me away! Thanks Jim! And thanks to Jim Earl for getting us in touch!

And to make matters even better we managed to get Chris Whitten to play the drums. Chris has toured the world in Paul McCartney's band twice, drummed for Dire Straits for one tour and used to play for Julian Cope and The Waterboys among many others. I've always admired his playing and was delighted to get him on this project.

The album has been completely remastered, two new tracks have been added and the artwork has been enhanced and expanded.

If you want to hear some of it, "Steal a Flame", a track from the album, is available as a special free Web single from my website here.

Diamond Gods

There is a compilation CD of David Bowie covers called "Diamond Gods - Interpretations of Bowie" and I've got a track on it! The song is "Memory of a Free Festival" from the "Space Oddity" album - a favourite of mine since I was about 14. Hippy twaddle about spaceships, etc, but it has a very pretty tune and loads of charm.

Recorded in record time (two evenings) to make the production deadline, I had to engineer it single-handedly and play all the instruments myself. Despite having to wrestle with a recalcitrant Mac with a mystery MIDI synch problem, I reckon it came out rather well.

I'm most excited to be in such excellent company - Blondie with Robert Fripp, Nico, Hazel O'Connor, Buster Bloodvessel, and Icehouse - all childhood heroes. You may be able to buy a copy from www.amazon.co.uk if you're lucky but I think it has now been deleted.. It's on the invisible hands music label catalogue number IHCD 16.

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